Friday, March 6, 2009

Bible Canon

The chief purpose of this post is to demonstrate that Protestants have greatly subtracted from the inspired word of God by excising the so-called Deuterocanon: Tobit, Judith, parts of Esther, Wisdom, Sirach (Ecclesiasticus), Baruch (inc. Letter of Jeremiah), parts of Daniel (Song of the Three Children [Dan 3:24-90], Story of Susanna and the Elders [Dan 13], and Bel and the Dragon [Dan 14]), 1 Maccabees, and 2 Maccabees.

1st Century
The Didache


2nd Century

3rd Century
West: Bishop Tertullian of Carthage says in 200 [The Prescription Against Heretics 7 in PL 2:20B], "Our instruction comes from 'the porch of Solomon,' who had himself taught that 'the Lord should be sought in simplicity of heart' [Wisdom 1:1]."
WRH: Tertullian, prior to succumbing to the heresy of Montanism, quoted the Book of Wisdom as inspired by the Holy Spirit.

East: St. Clement of Alexandria says in 202 [The Stromata 2:23 in PG 8:1089A], "Those, then, will not escape the curse of yoking an ass with an ox, who, judging certain things not to suit them, command others to do them, or the reverse. This Scripture has briefly showed, when it says, 'What you hate you shall not do to another' [Tobit 4:15]."
WRH: St. Clement proves the Silver Rule from the Book of Tobit, which he quotes as inspired Scripture.

4th Century
West: Bishop St. Ambrose the Great of Milan (Doctor) says in 378 [Concerning Virginity 1:7:35 in PL 16:199A], "Nor do I allege any opinion of my own, but I repeat that which the Holy Spirit spake by the prophet: 'Blessed is the barren that is undefiled' [Wisdom 3:13]."
WRH: The illustrious Ambrose says that the Book of Wisdom is inspired by the Holy Spirit.

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