Friday, March 6, 2009

Peter is the Rock

3rd Century

4th Century
West: Bishop St. Hilary of Poitiers (Doctor) says in 359 [On the Trinity 6:20 in PL 10:172BC, "Blessed Simon, who after his confession of the mystery was set to be the foundation-stone of the Church, and received the keys of the Kingdom..."

East: Bishop St. Epiphanius of Salamis says in 374 [The Well Anchored Man 9:6 in PG], "The first of the Apostles, the solid rock on which the Church was built."

East: Bishop St. Basil the Great of Caesarea (Doctor & Cappadocian Father) says in 375 [Commentary on Isaiah 2:66 in PG 30:223B], "Peter, upon which rock the Lord promised that He would build His Church."
East: Patriarch St. Gregory Nazianzen the Great Theologian of Constantinople (Doctor & Cappadocian Father) says in 380 [Oration 32:18 in PG 36:193C], "Seest thou that of the disciples of Christ, all of whom were exalted and deserving of choice, one is called Rock, and is entrusted with the foundations of the Church."
East: Bishop St. Gregory of Nyssa (Cappadocian Father) says before 394 [Panegyric on St. Stephen 3 in PG], "The memory of Peter, who is the head of the Apostles... he is the firm and most solid rock, on which the Savior built His Church."
5th Century
West: Bishop St. Maximus of Turin says in 408 [Homily 66 in PL 57:394A], "This Peter on whom Christ freely bestowed a sharing in his name. For just as Christ is the Rock, as the Apostle Paul taught, so through Christ Peter is made Rock, when the Lord says to him: 'Thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build My church.'"

9th Century
East: Patriarch St. Photios the Great of Constantinople says [Epistle 99 to Nicephoras in PG 102:909A], "On Peter repose the foundations of the faith."
WRH: In other words, the Church is founded on St. Peter the Apostle.
14th Century
East: Archbishop St. Gregory Palamas of Thessalonica says [Triads in Defense of the Holy Hesychasts 3:1:36 in PG ], "This is clearly shown by Peter, the leader of the apostles and foundation-stone of the Church."

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